No Beef & No Booze: Week 1

Rolling into April this year, I decided not to eat meat or drink alcohol for an entire month. I wrote about why in a post called No Burgers and No Beer Make Coate...Something Something with a promise to talk about what that “Something Something” would become. So here’s what I learned after 1 week (or 10 days) of this life change.

This is pretty boring.

About five days in, a co-worker asked me how I was feeling. Without thinking I said “bored.” It was my gut reaction at the moment. It’s true. I find meat burgers more fun than veggie burgers and wine more fun than water. Turns out, consistently-clear-headed-Coate might not be as fun to other people either.

why I'm crabby

ut it’s not that bad.

Look, I’m not really suffering here, though the way people have treated me the over the past few days you’d think I was (“awww you can’t have ____! I’m sorry I forgot! Are you doing ok?”). It’s funny that by choosing to exclude yourself from something in life, you can garner sympathy of others. While I appreciate the thoughts and interest, this isn’t really something worth that type of attention.

This isn’t that hard. I don’t crave either meat or alcohol, and the mild boredom hasn’t been too distracting. It’s like, my body adjusted after a few days and was like, “Oh, so we’re not doing that anymore? Got it. Carry on.” Our bodies are pretty amazing like that.

It's Science

In fact, it’s not really anything.

I found myself a bit more lethargic than normal over the course of this past week, but I can’t say I’ve felt any other repercussions of this decision. That lethargy could have been related to crappy weather or high stress this week, anyway.

While there are hundreds of articles that talk out the health benefits of giving up one or both of these things (and I’ve personally experienced them a number of times before), none of that has really come along in a clear cut way this time.


I’m only a week in. Generally, positive changes to physical and mental health take time. I’d also add that I didn’t quit these things out of necessity. I did pretty much “just because”.

Yes, I did say in my previous post “a reduction in one or both of those, even for a short period of time like a few days, has had noticeable effects on my clarity, and helped me regain some semblance of a center.” but I haven’t identified excess meat and alcohol in my diet as the root cause for feeling off-center. Maybe they aren’t, maybe they are. That will play itself out over the course of the month.

While I don’t really have much depth to talk about here, I’m glad I’m doing this. I’m sure I’m going to see something positive come out of it in the end, even if only the reassurance that I had the self control to do something like this.

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