No Alcohol or Meat At All: Week 2

Well, hey. I made it to halfway through my whatever this is where I don’t eat meat and don’t drink alcohol and write about it, because what else am I supposed to do with the time not spent devouring burgers and beer?

Well, about that...

When I cut things out, I filled the space something.

This might be a “yeah, duh” statement, but allow me to elaborate a bit. I’m not so much referring directly to substances. I haven’t found myself replacing meat with a specific food item or a new vice, and I haven’t subbed alcohol for pop or something like that. What I mean here, is that aside from the actual consumption of those items there’s time and energy that’s tied to them.

Once I “accepted my fate” if you will, I found energy for other things. Instead of focusing on or even craving a burger or beer...I just...don’t. And that energy that was previously dedicated to those things has been redistributed into other things. Like what? Um, self reflection maybe. Sure, we’ll go with that.

I’ve been pretty self aware these past few weeks.

This isn’t a new thing - I tend to be pretty on top of how I act and am around people, what I excel at, what I could improve, and so on. However, in the past few weeks, this awareness has deepened. Here’s why.

I started this whole thingy because I felt generally fuzzy in life. I decided meat and alcohol were things that, while perhaps not the sole culprits, were contributing to that feeling. But what I’ve learned here, is that after cutting those things, some of the symptoms I originally had are still present. I woke up with headaches that weren’t hangovers from wine. I felt uncomfortable in my gut area, but it wasn’t because that bacon cheeseburger with grilled onions is sitting in my stomach as if I didn’t even chew it.

Better get a bucket...

Better get a bucket...

So, what is it then? I dunno yet, but by removing those likely causes or excuses I’ve been forced to dig deeper and look at other elements that might be contributing. And that’s not to say meat and alcohol are innocent, it’s just to say those things were only a part of the overall equation. Or, correlation, not causation (that one’s for you, fellow Facebookers).

I have a lot more energy. Like, a lot more. Like, too much more.

One of the stated benefits of removing meat or alcohol from your diet in nearly every article out there is that you’ll feel more energetic, have better concentration, improve in the workplace, blah blah blah.

Well, I can’t say much for the last item (I’ll let others tell me if that’s true), but numbers 1 and 2 in that list are true, reluctant as I am to admit it. Look, I don’t want to admit that not drinking improves my thinking, but it does, this terrible sentence notwithstanding.

But also, I’ve struggled in that I’m not sure how to “take the edge” off my days, or how to slow down now. I need to do more research, because I haven’t felt just energetic, I’ve felt hyperactive. It’s like that movie where Bradley Cooper takes that drug and then does all that stuff awesome and then dances with Jennifer Aniston in Pittsburgh but is also a war hero because America....

You know. This one?

You know. This one?

The problem here is I don’t know what slows me down, what shuts my brain up. Maybe I shouldn’t be dependent on alcohol to do that since um...

But, you know. Maybe I don’t need ALL of this energy and brain thinking stuff.

But, you know. Maybe I don’t need ALL of this energy and brain thinking stuff.

One thing my newfound concentration hasn’t done is made me better at wrapping up blog posts. So I’m literally just going to end this one when this sentence ends.

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