Austin, Texas

I'm sitting in a cozy little pub in the middle of nowhere Ireland, sipping a pint of Murphy's, reading an Irish newspaper. I look up. "Jill."

I grab my wife's attention.

"Look. There are thousands of colleges in America. In the world, who knows? Of all the hats that could be hanging above the bar there - that's the one?"

Jill makes the "hook 'em horns" sign with her hands. Then the "rock on" sign. Then hook 'em again. She'll get it. The hat is a bright orange University of Texas Longhorns hat.

"Austin is stalking me."

And indeed that's how it feels. It's not just the hat. Earlier in the week we stopped in for a final drink in the crowded bar of our hotel in Cork. It's packed and loud, with diverse accents from all over the world shouting over one another.

We wiggle up to the bar to order, and strike up a conversation with a guy who looks like he's been camped out for a while. He's American. Here on business from...Austin, Texas.

A few days before that, Jill and I found ourselves in a restaurant in Dublin. Our next table over neighbors start to chat with us. They're Americans. From Austin, Texas.

Even John, our Fourth of July benefactor (he gets a future post of his own) met in yet another part of Ireland spent a bunch of time there and told of us the similarities of our current beloved hometown of Boulder, Colorado.

Let's step back a few more days. I've just cleared security at Denver International Airport and am walking toward my gate with Jon Clifford. I'm on my last business trip for Kapost before heading to Ireland for my two week honeymoon.

As we walk, a single announcement interrupts the serene Native American flute music playing through speakers.

"This is a final boarding call for Flight 432..." To Austin.

Okay, it's time.

"Jon, I was going to wait to tell you this, but now seems like the right moment instead."

"What's up?"

"Remember how we met? We were walking through an airport together about two [work] weeks before I started at Kapost?"

"Oh yeah! I remember."

"Well, maybe it's fitting then that you're the person I'm walking through an airport with, two [work] weeks before I leave Kapost. Facebook recruited me. The job's in Austin. I'm going."

You can stop stalking me now, Austin. You got me. I'm coming.

Colorado to Austin
Colorado to Austin

On July 25th, 2015, a new adventure begins. I'll be moving to Austin, Texas to work for Facebook. This blog post title becomes even better now, huh? I'll have more on this in the coming days. I wrote a lot in Ireland, and if you care to follow along you'll get a glimpse into what's been bobbling around in my head for the past month.