Music is transcendent. There's not a mood nor emotion that doesn't have the perfect soundtrack, nor are there adequate words to describe the feeling of hearing the right music at the right time. There's no way to draw comparison to the experience of being completely and absolutely overwhelmed by an album or by a live performance. We've all had that feeling - that song, that album, that show that just...consumed us.

I've had a few, particularly around this time of year. Growing up in the harsh winters of Chicago makes you moody to say the least. Winter is a time of escapism there. You do anything you can to distract you from miserable gray skies, matching gray slush along the streets, and biting subzero temperatures.

The lucky or wealthy escape to warmer climates, many (most?) escape to alcohol, I escaped to music. High school was a time of musical discovery. My ear perked up at more than The Smashing Pumpkins' Melanie Collie and the Infinite Sadness (Billy, I can't stand you, but god I loved your music once) which had, alongside Siamese Dream and Adore, dominated my junior high listening.

In high school I listened to anything and everything my new classmates recommended and among those recommendations came Clarity by Jimmy Eat World shared with me by a friend name John Farrell. While Jimmy Eat World's genre and wider catalogue are not among my preferred, this album and the title track gripped me in a way few albums or songs had before.

They struck me so passionately and impacted me so deeply that during a time where all I wanted was to be introduced to more and more, I found myself listening to Clarity on repeat.

Clarity was inexplicably inescapable. Iconic. Defining.

It remains that way. The past week as the weather has chilled in Boulder, Colorado I find myself walking to work with Clarity in my ears. It's the perfect soundtrack for now, as it has been this time of year, almost relentlessly.

It's music I come back to. I hope you have an album like this in your life and I'd love to hear what it is below.