A Great Day

I just read this post on LinkedIn called "12 Powerful Ways to Create a Cohesive Team" and my first thought was how fortunate I am to work on a cohesive team, and how the man who brought us together was 12 for 12 on that list, I've written before about the awesomeness of the group I work with (it's only gotten more awesome since), but now I want to reflect on how I came to be a part of it all. A year ago today, Jesse Noyes sent me a LinkedIn message saying he has recently joined some company called Kapost, and that he was "on the hunt for someone to join as a manager of community and content. Primarily, this person would oversee building out our social media strategy, our influencer relations, and the community we plan to grow in a new online content academy. So the person needs to be badass."

Coate Badass

We talked on the phone probably an hour after that email, and just over two weeks later I had an offer from Kapost in my hand. I joined the company as their very first Community & Content Manager (employee #19 I think?) on November 11th, 2013.

That original phone conversation is forever stuck in my head. It was a career AND life-defining conversation. I was comfortable at my current job, but hearing Jesse passionately talk about the company, their plans, and the plans for the position, comfort suddenly didn't have much appeal any more. He described the chance for me to accomplish some great things, and I realized I had an opportunity to turn long dormant (and/or stymied) ambitions into reality. Not to mention, Jesse Noyes was a person whose career (and beard) I had admired for some time. I was honored he'd think of me.

Jesse Noyes

Just under a year later, I have no complaints about my decision to jump to Kapost, and I'd like to think Jesse doesn't have any either. I have risen to all the exciting challenges working at a startup brings with it, and far exceeded all the goals I set out to meet in less time than planned, and I just received a promotion that comes with a whole new set of exciting challenges.

I've never been more proud of who I work for, work with, and the work I'm doing alongside them.

Today's a great day in my history.