How the Band Lucius Helped Me Propose

Jill's Engagement Ring
Jill's Engagement Ring

I just did a crazy thing.  I proposed to my beautiful girlfriend Jill. Since she said yes (oh right - she said yes), it’s been a whirlwind of activity as we begin planning our future together. Some married friends prepped me for the onslaught of questions that come immediately upon sharing the news, so I felt a pretty prepared - save for a few. In case you’re wondering - no, I don’t know what we’re going to do about a wedding ring yet. I figure I’ll enjoy the thrill of having done well on this ring for at least a day or two…

I haven’t actually minded the questions, though. I like to be questioned in general, because being able to answer reaffirms I’ve thought things through, while having no idea how to answer helps me refocus and dig a little deeper. Of the most common questions to come up, how I asked her certainly garnered the most intrigue. In my last blog post entitled “Stories.”, I referenced that I had some stories to tell. So I figure what better to start with than the story of how I proposed to Jill.

With the help of some friends, I’ve created this video to tell that story (embedded below if you’re reading this on my actual blog). For those of you who can’t watch the video at the moment I’ll continue below. So, without further ado:

The Story of How the Band Lucius Helped Me Propose to Jilliann Marie I first encountered the band Lucius through a good friend of mine named Nick Stankus. While in Chicago this past December, Nick and I spent some time driving around listening to music and catching up. He had been in LA playing music while I had moved to Colorado since we last hung out. While in LA, Nick came across Lucius. After a glowing recommendation, he put their Self-Titled EP on. From the opening guitar strumming on “Don’t Just Sit There” I was hooked. We listened to the 4 songs on the EP on repeat and got lost in conversation. At this point the topic had shifted to relationships and I began telling him about this girl Jill that I had been hanging with and deeply admired. Lucius made an excellent soundtrack for our evening. It was a special drive.

Not a month later, I found myself back in Colorado driving around Denver with that same girl I deeply admired, listening to tunes. She grabbed her phone, pulled up Spotify and asked “have you ever heard of Lucius?". I was in awe. I couldn't believe how cool this girl was already and her knowing about Lucius, who at that point wasn’t as prominent as they are now, stepped it up a notch. It was a special drive.

My text to Nick.
My text to Nick.

Fast forward to August 2013, and I had decided to ask Jill to marry me. It made so much sense to reach out to Lucius and ask for their help. I had an idea where they’d record a short video, talking to Jill. I’d show it to her on my phone, and then propose right after. I reached out to the band, told them this story and asked for their help. They so graciously agreed and emailed me the video a few days later, exactly as I hoped they would.

Then, on October 26th I took Jill to The Med in Boulder, one of our favorite restaurants. My friend Gabriel Ratliff hid at a nearby table with his wife Tiffany to film the proposal. That’s what you see at the end of the video. Everything went off as planned, though there were a few close calls (Jill sort of recognized Gabe but said nothing and my friend Brian Hickey texted me “Status?” seconds after I took the phone back from Jill).

So many thanks go to Lucius for helping me pull off such a special day. Please folks, check out their music at Buy their album in support of their kindness.

Or do it for love. Or do it because I said so. Or do it because it's actually wonderful.