Creation. Journey.



Each of the above words evokes in us a sense of excitement. There's something about those words that demands our attention, draws out our emotions. I like these words. I live these words. The fourth one demands my attention the most.


When the first three happen, they're remembered through the fourth. They live on through the fourth. "Story" might be the most captivating word there is.  We gobble up books, articles, films, media in general because they tell a story. When we meet people, the first thing we want to know about them is where they came from - what's their story? I just attended Eloqua Experience - a forward-thinking marketing conference - for the second year in a row. I noticed a growing focus on what has been dubbed "content marketing" as the new form of marketing. What it centers upon is telling your brand or company's story in a way that will captivate an audience of future and current customers. The story you have to tell keeps them coming back to hear more, and if done right (in marketing) has them on the hook to buy and buy more.

I have some stories to tell. Some stories about creation, about journeys I've been on and will go on, and about adventure.

In the next few weeks I'll tell you some.

Stay tuned...