Must Listen: In Passing

John Farrell's "In Passing" is my favorite late fall/early winter album. It so perfectly fits the mood this part of the season evokes. I've found myself listening to it many times each year since its release, because it seems to have been written to accompany the exact scenery I'm viewing while listening. Like a soundtrack to my travels, "In Passing" has been in my ears as I stood on freezing cold El platforms in Chicago awaiting my next train, to relaxing evenings in by a fire, to this morning's pretty drive through snow-dusted farmland in between Boulder and Lafayette, Colorado. Mixing angst with serenity, "In Passing" is an album that just sounds like this time of year. I encourage you to give it a listen by visiting, or by clicking the album cover below. Since you're a good person, you can download the album there and listen to it on your wintery commutes. You can also read more about John Farrell in this post about Talented Artistic Chicagoans.


John Farrell's "In Passing"