"He Came. He Saw. He Connected."

Sunday afternoon I went for a nice walk and some lunch with my close friend Jill. We chatted about places we'd like to visit some day. It was a neat list between us. What's most interesting is the why steering where we'd go. Each of us chose places with histories we found fascinating. We talked about appreciating a place for who had been there before us & how what happened there defines the spirit of that place. I shared with Jill how I often go on long walks in Boulder and feel overwhelmed by the history of some parts of it - particularly downtown Pearl Street and the Mapleton Hill Neighborhood. I often wonder about all the people who had come before me - the lives they had lived there. I wonder what history I'm carving/adding to Boulder now. I think about what's my history so far. What's my legacy?


Saturday night for me was spent with a magnificent group of people representing a diverse cross section of my life - childhood friends, former roommates, Colorado friends, Chicago friends. Collectively, the room represented almost every era of my life. It dawned on my sitting at lunch with Jill that this group, while they were diverse in their experiences of me, all got along splendidly. Conversation flowed so immediately & so naturally.

These are good people.

They all are good people. I surround myself with good people. These people make my history, my legacy. They've joined me on my adventures, taken joy in my triumphs, & expressed concern/support during my trials.

These are also very strange people.

My history seems to be less about what I've done and where I've done it, but rather who I've done it with. At my core I'm a connector and that's what I believe the history I'm creating now centers upon. I hope to later on (and even currently) be mentioned as someone who 'brings it all together'. I want to continue to bring people together - to unite rather than divide.

As I take my next long walk, maybe this time I won't spend time wondering what my role in this place's history will be, and instead focus on continuing to take an active role in creating the legacy I desire.