What Comes, Goes...Having Fun While It Lasts.

“Today is the last day of an era past.” - Boris Yeltsin

Yesterday a former girlfriend's father texted me this photo.

North Beach No More

It's a picture of a I venue I used to work at, called North Beach Chicago, being demolished. My initial reaction, was "I'm surprised it took this long." The venue was in poor shape when I was there back in 2008 and when it closed down I think all of us that worked there were upset but also not completely surprised. Then it hit me. This place symbolized a bright time in my life before things got really tough. In such a short period time working there I met so many people that played crucial roles in my life.

Chris taught me lessons about management/negotiation. Polina & Nicolette inspired me to start the open mic/art nights that would become Collaborate that would become I AM FEST. Leigh & Commacho became close friends to me, Corey became an even closer friend than he already was. Javier and I had some awesome late night chats in the kitchen. There were many, many more in such a short period of time.

I texted this picture to as many people as I was still in touch with. Many had a similar reaction. Joke first, then it settled on them. You see, this time at North Beach - this group we had - that was a time for many of us where we felt invincible. Commacho and I spoke recently about how in many ways we were living in a sitcom. We had endless amounts of entertainment through endless amounts of personality & endless amounts of drama. It all added up to a pretty great time. Now, we all had our complaints. Things weren't perfect. We all had our struggles. We were all underpaid. We all didn't get along. But overall, things were pretty good then. This was an era for us. The demolition of this building signifies the last day of an era past, but I am grateful to look back on that era with as many fond memories as I do.

Those of you reading this who were there with me during that time, I'm grateful we crossed paths & I hope you know how meaningful it was that we did.

- "Pants"