Reset, Take Control of The Atmosphere

Begin final mile of a much needed, intense 5 mile run. MUTEMATH’s Reset from their Armistice Live album pumps into my headphones. The song opens with a three note fuzzy guitar riff that echos into some ethereal synth chords.

At once, the sky before me darkens, the wind kicks up, the trees snap to one side and slowly right themselves in unison with the fading hold on the guitar.

A storm has been coming. I’ve watched it my entire run, but it’s chosen right now to finally arrive.

As the song begins to build and develop, rain drops from the sky. The rhythm and pattern of the droplets on the sidewalk, and separately - the pattern of the rainfall in the streetlamps’ glow finds their way into perfect sync with the song.

Lighting cracks and brightens the sky on purfect cue, and thunder moments behind keeps the same time signature adding a rumble that could easily have been a drumroll on record.

A natural symphony is happening all around me.

Reset has no words, but the pre-chorus to another MM song Control repeats in my head “Take control of the atmosphere, take control of the atmosphere…”

The heavens had created a live performance to accompany my soundtrack, timed exactly to the millisecond.

I finish my best mile.